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Direct Mail + Product Fulfillment in North America

If you are planning to package and distribute your products to customers or retailers within
the North American market, Pegasus Media Solutions provides an efficient and economical direct
mail and fulfillment service within most countries in Europe. And we have secured some of the most
efficient and economical postage rates available anywhere. Our clients include book and magazine publishers;
self-publishing authors; auto parts suppliers, software producers; medical and electronic device manufacturers;
pharmaceutical and supplement suppliers; textile distributors; fulfillment houses; and manufacturers
of a wide variety of other specialized products.

Distributing your products with us is as simple as A, B, C:

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Good packaging is about functionality. For decades, ColomPac® has been working to make packaging as easy and perfect as possible for all kinds of things: whether large or small, simple or valuable, important or not so important. ColomPac® focuses on the details – self-sealing, tear-open strip, reinforced edges, packing speed, and optimized weights and postal charges – for well made products that you can rely on to send “real” things on a safe journey from here to there: in many intelligent standard sizes or in customized solutions, with single or multicolor printing.